About us

The Highland Restoration Association began on June 24, 1977, when 20 homeowners formed an organization dedicated to revitalizing and preserving Shreveport’s historic Highland neighborhood. 

HRA consists of homeowners, renters, businesses and benefactors. Its working relationship with city and parish governments, local developers, non-profit groups and businesses enables it to maintain and enhance the neighborhood, educate citizens of important issues and promote Highland as a great place to live, work, play and invest in property.

HRA has played a lead role in a variety of community development projects: advocacy relating to unwelcome or incompatible zoning changes; adherence to property standards; neighborhood revitalization and beautification; and assistance with development of the Highland Cultural District and Highland Historic District. 

Concerns that remain most important to the largest number of members are crime, property standards, zoning, historic preservation and revitalization and beautification projects, including litter abatement.

HRA is governed by a 12-member board consisting of four officers (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer) and three advisors. You read more about them here and view our organization bylaws here.

The HRA board membership is elected at a general meeting by the membership and represents the greater Highland area. This is a two square mile area of over 10,000 residents, which includes both the Fairfield and the Highland Historic Districts, in addition to other parts of the Highland area that are outside the designated historic districts. Highland Restoration Association has a record of successful endeavors going back decades. Because of its members’ emotional and financial investments in the historic Highland neighborhood, all are committed to the improvement of the neighborhood and work together to allow Highland to thrive.