Neighbor-Led Project Grants: Apply Here

Any teams of 3 or more Highland neighbors may request up to $1,000 to implement an idea that benefits neighbors. 

This project is made possible by First Presbyterian Church of Shreveport, and applications are now open.


  • Examples of grant-funded projects could include: a block plants the same trees along their street; artists host a community mural painting day; experts offer a free class of interest to the neighborhood; gardeners develop a pocket park on an empty lot; a team secures an empty house.
  • Projects will be assessed on their direct benefit to neighbors, indirect benefit to the Highland area, inclusion of diverse stakeholders, and capacity for effective implementation.
  • Because funding is limited, we request that organizations with staff seek project support from other sources to help prioritize projects led by and that build the capacity of volunteer groups.
  • This grant is not intended to support administrative fees. Funded services (i.e. hiring a professional or applicants offering professional services) should be tied to a documented market rate.
  • Grants will be reviewed on a rolling basis to meet community needs as they arise and until funding is depleted. Members of the HNA Board of Directors and their immediate family members are not eligible to apply for project funding. Grant Review Committee members will not review applicants in which there is a financial conflict of interest.
  • Fill out the following application or return physical applications to 520 Olive Street, Shreveport, LA 71104. For assistance, email requests and questions or call ‪(318) 639-0103.

Highland Senior Home Improvement Grants: Apply Here

Up to $500 for exterior home projects for 65+ neighbors in Shreveport’s Highland area. Grants will be reviewed on a monthly basis during Summer 2021 until available funds are allocated.

Thanks to generous donors during Give for Good, applications for Senior Home Improvement Grants are now open.

WHAT: Support for exterior home repairs or improvements up to $500.

WHO: Grants are for neighbors 65 years or older who own and occupy their homes in Highland and are limited to complete a repair. (For those who rent, work that is not traditionally managed by owners may be considered.)

WHEN: Applications will be considered on a rolling basis during Summer 2021 as funding remains available, and we will work with the applicant to ensure the repair is completed as soon as possible, either though hiring a service provider directly or providing a grant to fund a project.

HOW: Applicants must be nominated by a current member or be a current member themselves. We hope this is an opportunity for members to reach out to neighbors and meet their needs, too!

WHERE: Printed forms included in the quarterly newsletter and at neighborhood meetings can be mailed to 520 Olive Street, Shreveport, LA 71104, or applications can be completed online.

For major home repairs and critical emergencies, please contact the Office of Community Development at 318-673-7528 for Rehabilitation Assistance.